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R scripts (r-type-r)

R is a programming language for statistical computing and graphics.


Output of helloworld (Hello World!) Hello World! Outputs 'Hello World!'
Output of fgraph2d (Graph of a 2D Function) Graph of a 2D Function (it also can plot dots on a Cartesian plane)
Output of fgraph3d (Graph of a 3D Function) Graph of a 3D Function (it also can plot dots in a 3D space)
Output of schart / simplecharts (Simple Charts) Simple Charts Available Chart types: Dots, Line, Dots + Line, Bars (vertical), Bars (horizontal), Histogram, Pie (clockwise), Pie (anticlockwise), Dotchart.
Screenshot of sstats / simplestats (Simple Stats) Simple Stats Returned values: Items (as given), Items (sorted, ascending order), Items (sorted, descending order), Total items, Min (lower item), Max (higher item), Sum, Average, Median, Mode, Variance, Standard Deviation.
Screenshot of rrnd_num / rrandom_numbers (Random Numbers Generator) Random Numbers Generator

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