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# Video

Play a video

apt-get install vlc vlc MOVIE.AVI # play a video (even in the text console) vlc # play a video from the web Add support to play DVD to Debian: It requires the "contrib" component in the sources list. apt install libdvd-pkg dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg Streaming video server: vlc -vvv file.mpg --sout '#standard{access=http,mux=mpeg1,}' --ttl 12 --loop # Stream a MPEG file (loop) from the url # Note that you must have a streaming format like ASF to create a real stream of data vlc -vvv file.asf --sout '#standard{access=mmsh,mux=asf,}' --ttl 12 --loop # Stream an ASF file (loop) from the url mms://

Manipulate video files

apt-get install ffmpeg Convert a video format into another video format: ffmpeg -i PATH/SOURCE_VIDEO.avi PATH/DEST_VIDEO.mpg # convert from AVI to MPEG ffmpeg -i PATH/SOURCE_VIDEO.avi -sameq FILE.avi PATH/DEST_VIDEO.mpg # convert from AVI to MPEG, keeping same quality of the source file ffmpeg -i PATH/SOURCE_VIDEO.avi -ss 00:00:00 -t 00:45:00 PATH/DEST_VIDEO.mpg # convert from AVI to MPEG, taking only the first 45 minutes of the source video (from 00:00:00 to 00:45:00) ffmpeg -i PATH/SOURCE_VIDEO.avi -i PATH/SOURCE_AUDIO.mp3 PATH/DEST_FILE.avi # create a video with audio taking video and audio from two different sources ffmpeg -loop_input -i PATH/SOURCE_IMAGE.jpg -i PATH/SOURCE_AUDIO.mp3 -shortest -acodec copy PATH/DEST_FILE.mp4 # create a video with a static image and audio Dump all frames from a video: ffmpeg -i PATH/SOURCE_VIDEO -an -r 1/1 PATH/FILE_%06d.jpg # Dump all frames as JPG, you can dump them in .bmp or .png by changing the extension of the destination file. In this example the generated file name will have 6 digits Speed up or slow down a video: ffmpeg -i PATH/SOURCE_VIDEO -filter:v "setpts=SPEED*PTS" PATH/DEST_VIDEO # SPEED must be set to 1/(wanted speed x), for example set SPEED: 0.5 : double speed (2x), 0.25 : 4x speed, 2.0 = half speed (1/2x). If you want the destination video to have a specific duration, you can calculate the value of SPEED with this formula: 1 / (source video duration in seconds / destination video wanted duration in seconds) Extract the audio track from a video: ffmpeg -i PATH/SOURCE_VIDEO.mpg -vn -f mp3 AUDIO_TRACK.mp3 # extract the audio track as MP3 from a video ffmpeg -i PATH/SOURCE_VIDEO.mpg -vn -ac 1 -f mp3 AUDIO_TRACK.mp3 # extract the audio track as MP3 from a video as mono. Use -ac 2 to force stereo even if the input file is mono.

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