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# Localization

dpkg-reconfigure locales # edit locale / add new locales
locale  # show locale settings
locale -a  # show available locales
locale|cut -d= -f1|xargs locale -kc|less  # list fields in locale database
locale territory  # show the locale territory # echo "This server is configured for `locale territory`"
printf "%'d\n" 1234567  # print an integer number grouping thousands with the locale configuration

l /usr/share/i18n/locales/ # List all available locales
l /usr/share/i18n/locales/en_* # List all available English locales

localectl # Show system locales
cat /etc/default/locale # Show system locale variables

jed /etc/default/locale # Set system locale variables

Set the following variables to the given values if you want to get the date in 12 or 24 hours:

# 24 hours



# 12 hours (AM/PM)



jed /etc/locale.gen # Locales to be generated. Uncomment (remove # ) the locales you want to generate

locale-gen # generate locales (the ones anabled in /etc/locale.gen )

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